The Rosemary Foundation

The Rosemary Foundation

Hospice at Home

The Rosemary Foundation

The Rosemary Foundation

The Hospice at Home Service for Petersfield and outlying towns and villages

The Rosemary foundation offers a free service to patients and carers which comprises: nurses experienced in offering hands on palliative care; a counseling service for patients and those close to them;  a rapid and flexible response to meet individual needs; cover for seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Our Mission

To provide a full supportive hands-on nursing service for patients suffering from cancer, or other life-threatening conditions, within their own homes.
To provide counselling and bereavement support without charge to patients, or their families and to provide them in close consultation with other care professionals, particularly the patient's GP.
To provide supportive palliative care to ensure the highest possible quality of remaining life for all patients and their families.
To provide such services in accordance with need, irrespective of wealth, gender, ethnic origin, or religious persuasion.
To provide services in such a way as to build personal relationships between patients and their carers and to provide every patient with a named carer having overall responsibility for their welfare.
“Palliative care” - Palliative Care offers help in the form of control of unpleasant symptoms without seeking to cure.

Contact Details

The Rosemary Foundation

35 Lavant Street
GU32 3EL

T: 01730 269996
F: 01730 266329
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