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Here you can see all the cameras we have placed around Petersfield town, and join the conversation in our community chat section.
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Controlling the cameras

You can control the rotation and direction of some of the cameras on Cameras that can be controlled interactively have a control section underneath the main camera window. To queue for control, click the 'queue for control' button, and depending on the amount of users currently in line, you will be placed in the queue to control the camera, and your time to control will be displayed. When control passes to you, navigation buttons will go green, and you are free to direct the camera for a pre-defined time - currently a minute. Use the directional and zoom controls to move the camera around.

Click AND HOLD on a directional arrow and a strength gauge will appear - the longer you hold down the button, the more the camera will move or zoom when you release it. Once released, the buttons will go red, and after a short delay (typically 4-7 seconds) the camera will respond, after which the buttons will go green again, indicating that you can move or zoom again.

When your control time elapses, the buttons will become blue (inactive), and you are free to click the 'queue for control' button again, and re-enter the queue.

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