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Situated on the northerly edge of Petersfield the original village of Sheet lay between the two outlying mills beside the river Rother and its tributary the Ashford Stream. Nowadays it extends South and West towards the town of Petersfield.

Until fairly recent times the economy of the village was very dependant on the two mills, used for fulling wool; the manufacture of tools and weapons from locally produced iron; leather tanning, which took place at The Vale on the Ashford Stream below the church, and farming.

Sheet was originally a small village clustered around the village green and much of this infrastructure remains today. A steady development of housing during the past thirty years has tramsformed the area around the village.

The Village Church is St. Mary Magdalen and stands at the top of the village overlooking the village green and the spectacular Chestnut Tree that was planted in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

The village school is a small 4-11yrs primary school. The school was founded in 1888 Opposite the Church but was moved to School Lane 10 years later.

After funding and development in 2000 they moved into a new school building which has retained the feel of the old! In 2006 an was extension built which now provides space for specialist teaching. With an attractive outdoor environment that the children are encouraged to care for.

Sheet Primary School


Headteacher: Mrs K. Iles

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